compdetail’s key differentiator is our flexibility and state-of-the-art sourcing methodology.  compdetail can and will work with your team on the logistics of the deploying IT from planning and procuring all the way through to the customization of equipment. We understand in our experiences that every customer is unique, so our dedicated staff and service offerings are here to fill your needs.

OnSite Support

Businesses or In Home

Whether you need to upgrade your existing machines, or address viruses or spyware that have infected your PC’s. We can quickly be on site to help resolve you computer issues.

Remote Support

Let us take a look… now

Many of today’s issues can be addressed remotely. Even viruses and spyware infections can be resovled quickly and easily. All it takes is an active internet connection and a couple minutes of spare time.


Preventive maintenance

We have the tools to remotely monitor your server for any issues that may impact your business, and address them before they do!