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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?
Our standard on site hourly rate is $85/hr., and we bill on the half hour.  Most tasks can be completed remotely, and we encourage you to try this service.  Remote support is $75 / hr., and is billed on the quarter hour.
We'd like to try remote support, how does it work?
All you really need is an internet connection on the problem machine and to install our remote software (link below) .  Open the software and give us the 9 digit code unique to your pc and then allow us in.  You can see everything we are doing and your pc is safe and secure.  We cannot get in without you letting us in.

Open a browser and go to:  http://anydesk.com

We have unique needs, can you still help?
Everyone has unique to them needs.  But we can leverage what we have done with other customers to help develop a hybrid solution that will fill your needs nicely, guaranteed!
Are we too small to be a customer?
Our customers range in size from 2 – 75 employees.  No one is too small or too big for our services.
Can you help us get started on the web?
Yes!  We can help with the domain registration and website creation.  Once happy with the site, we can help with SEO and  analytics to make the site payoff!
We have Macs, can you still help?
Yes we can.  From support and upgrades to integration with you network and PC compatibles, we can make everything play nice!

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